The dark truth about the wedding industry: That vendor may have paid for that pin.

Maybe you have been planning your wedding in your mind since your were five, pinning all the things to your wedding Pinterest board even before you were “going steady”, and subscribing to weddings blogs for the perfect ideas and to find the perfect vendors.

It may not surprise you to hear that sometimes that vendor paid to be featured on that blog, or to be listed in that “Little Black (or pink, or white, etc) book, or to be included on that preferred vendor list at your venue. While that isn’t always the case – in our part of California, it isn’t as prevalent as in others – it does happen. I have even heard of local coordinators who require that the vendors they work with give them a kickback for recommending them to their clients. But did you also know that some blogs have started charging to have a vendor’s work featured on their Facebook page or Pinterest Boards?

This week, the photographer’s blog FStoppers Original wrote a post about this new twist to the “Pay to play” problem in the wedding industry. Your can read all about it here. Aside from the fact that this is a blatant breach of the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies of these sites, what bothers me is that the people reading the blog are being duped into believing that it was the quality of the vendor’s work alone that got their photo or design idea or product featured. That somehow these vendors were singled out as experts or chosen over the others because they are the best at what they do.

It is ok to pay for advertisements, but when advertising is disguised as something else entirely, we lose the trust of those we serve. I feel I have an obligation to be transparent and honest with my clients about what they see, what to expect, and what they pay. Not everyone feels the way I do, unfortunately. Be aware – ask questions – and do your due diligence when hiring a vendor.

Inspired by: Baseball

Spring is on the way, and that means my mind turns to baseball. The Boys of Summer are about to report to Spring Training and even teams like my Chicago Cubs have a chance to win it all!  Today to celebrate their return to the diamond, I’m sharing a Pinterest Board that highlights the best of America’s Pastime.  What a great theme for a birthday, a rehearsal dinner, or even a wedding! Now where’d I hide my mitt?… ~Amy

What would it cost? Exquisite Centerpieces

Pinterest. I have spent untold hours pinning pictures onto my many, many boards (research!) and am amazed at the gorgeous wedding ideas that out out there – but I am also amazed at how many people have an unrealistic idea of what it would cost to recreate them.

One of my favorite images is this one, flowers designed by Karen Tran and photo by Darin Fong Photography.

Karen Tran Florals

So gorgeous. It appears to be very popular with all of you, as well – it is one of the most re-pinned images that I have collected so far. I asked local floral designers Mariah Burton from Simply Flowers, Dana Poore from Dana’s Awesome Blossoms, and Laura Zabicki from Sweet Dreams Wedding Cakes and Flowers to help us get a better idea of what price tag to expect when trying to recreate this look. Remember when you are collecting those amazing images on your dream wedding pin board, that breathtaking flowers usually come with a breathtaking price tag.

Their estimates ranged from $350 without the base arrangement to $750.

And remember this is per arrangement.

Many factors go into the pricing of an arrangement: renting or purchasing the vases needed for these creations, overhead costs, their volume, their suppliers, and the expertise of the florist.

Your florist can also help you to design a piece that is similar, but at a lower price point, by changing the flowers to a different, less expensive type, scaling it down, changing the number of arrangements, etc.  Dream big, be prepared to compromise, and trust that your florist will do their best to help you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

Tea Time at Painted Table!


Join us for a delightful tea party!

February 12, 2014 at tea time, 4 pm
At Painted Table in the Tower
1211 N Wishon Ave
Fresno, Ca

A uniquely sweet experience. Special guests Ohana Jazz will be performing.

Red Velvet Tea

Tickets $20
go on sale tonight.

Bring your friends for a taste of Painted Table’s delightfully decadent desserts, and a traditional tea service.

For more information contact
Amy at (559.492.0290)

Happy Anniversary! Heather and John

This week is Heather and John’s 3rd wedding anniversary. Justin and I shot their wedding at St Anthony of Padua, and Copper River Country Club, January 22, 2011.


Congratulations, you two.

Web site updates

flower work 002

You MIGHT have noticed the logo tweak we did recently. If you didn’t, then notice now that you’ve noticed it. I’ve been splashing the new look across all of our platforms, including the website. Do yourself a favor and mosey on over and check it out now. Do me a huge favor, if you find typos email me! But mostly, just sit back and enjoy the eye candy.

Spring Photo Fever?


This unusually spring like weather has my spring bulbs completely fooled. They’re pushing up and I’ve got spring fever, which means I’ve been cleaning my closets and thinking about portraits. If you’ve been thinking about portraits, then let’s do something about it before winter decides to reassert its rights.

I’m booking location sessions now. Pricing and other information is on the website. If you have previously purchased a gift certificate, you can use it, they don’t expire in the state of California. If you have a credit that expired in 2012 or 2013 (while I was unable to work), I will honor it for the rest of 2014. Contact me via email,

Reblog: 5 Lies the Wedding Industry Is Selling (But We’re Not Buying) » Anne Almasy -

As a photographer and a coordination assistant, I get to see all sides of the wedding. At the end of the day, as the linens are being packed away, I get to stare in the face what was really important, and what ended up being insignificant. Here’s a piece I found via another wedding photographer, which will give you something to chew on while your pinning together your plans.